Final Day With The Team

Day Eight

A Day to Unwind At The Beach Then Good-bye to Team Two


Saturday, we enjoyed a much-deserved day at the beach. On our way to the beach, we were jammed up in traffic near the pool where we were the other day. Traffic was lined up for miles and miles to get into the pool. After waiting for quite a while in the traffic, the bus driver had a chat with a policeman and next thing you know, we were being escorted by the policeman past all the traffic!



The beach was incredibly busy, the lady that ran the hotel we used for the day said it was the busiest she had ever seen the beach in 28 years! A little way down from where we were, there was a public beach that was completely packed.






The hammocks were a big hit; most of us had a little snooze in one sometime during the day. In addition to the hammocks, the boogie boards kept the guys busy. We couldn’t keep Ernie, the fish, off the board or out of the water! The football was tossed for hours in the water.





Of course we bought tons of beautiful beaded jewelry from the locals on the beach.



We heard the traffic was even worse than when we drove there, trying to get away from the beach, so we decided to wait until the sun set, in hopes the traffic would lighten up.





Easter Sunday is travel day for team two. Hugs, kisses, with just a tear or two, and I bid team two farewell! I will stay for a second week with other team leaders. We will build seven more houses, as well as have all the planning meetings for the next season, another very full week!


I will really miss all my team members, it’s great to see all the people I met last year, but I’ll be a bit lonesome without any of the True-Line Team.


Today, I was reflecting on the amazing week we had. We summarized it pretty good on the bus ride home from the beach. We ate our way through the week. Some people thought we would come to El Salvador and loose some weight, but that’s pretty hard with visits to the ice cream shop twice, a bakery once, Texaco for snacks a time or two, and all the amazing meals Maritza prepared for us.  Oh yeah, not to mention all the deep fried yucca and plantains from the lady that showed up where we were doing the food distribution, and all the French fries & chocolate covered bananas with nuts at the pool. And then top the week off with massive platters of food at the beach washed down with huge fruit smoothies!! Oh yeah, we all lost weight all right!!


But in between all the food we consumed, we went out and visited with all of the families we would build for, then went back and built all ten houses, we bagged and distributed food to 300 families (about 1500 people), took a mountain of musical instruments to the orphanage, (oh right and ate sundaes with the kids, topped with chocolate, nuts and whipped cream!) we led the kids in music and song, then took all their pictures, printed and framed them all and gave each child a photo of themselves.


On the exercise side, we did climb the clock tower one night, walked around town on Good Friday and looked at all the art on the streets. We walked over to the church to fill our faces with Maritza’s papusas, enchiladas, and fried chicken! We painted hundreds of fingernails, played catch with the kids for hours, played soccer with the kids until they shot the ball into the bushes and punctured it with a bunch of barbs, we showed off our artistic skills with the kids and made dozens of sticker pictures. We blew bubbles into the wind with the kids and travelled hundreds and hundreds of kilometers in the back of a truck in weather somewhere around 35 to 40 degrees. In there we found the time to go to the swimming pool and swim with the fish, (and eat more)! Then some of us stayed up until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning working on the blog so we could force all of our friends to read about our adventure!




The boys had to watch their noggins in the church. This doorway was between the chapel and the kitchen where we eat. The sign says “watch your head going through the door” – Very similar building codes to Canada! But then they only need to consider that most people are not much over five feet tall. Ernie is with our sweet little cook Maritza.


A great week for sure! We all feel so privileged to be the hands and feet God sent to El Salvador to do this work. Like I’ve said before, we can’t save them all, but we sure made a difference to the many lives we touched this week.


Heading into the unknown is never easy, so thanks again to both True-Line teams for all you did for the El Salvadorian people.

Keep watching the blog to see what the next week brings and meet the next seven families we will build for. God Bless you all!

2 thoughts on “Final Day With The Team

  1. Thank you for sharing, its wonderful to see what God is doing in other parts of the world and how He is using you.

  2. Oh-Yes, it certainly was an interesting week. We all bonded together and grew as a team the first day. There are several things about the week that we will miss. Thank you Sue for all of your hard work and keeping us intact! Have a safe week.

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