March True-Line Team Presents the Keys to Ten New Homeowners

To All The Generous Supporters of the 2013 True-Line El Salvador Project,
From All The Families That Received Your Help

 After three incredible weeks in El Salvador, two with our teams and one with the team leaders, we have completed our 2013 goal! Our teams built twenty houses and provided funds for ten more. The final ten houses will be built in the coming months by the locals, creating extremely needed employment. When the families are chosen for the next ten houses, I will introduce those homeowners. Thanks to the following sponsors for providing the houses for the locals to build:

Thanks to The Scottsville Group for sponsoring a house in January plus two additional homes for the locals to build


Thanks to the Jennifer Polyester Foundation for sponsoring two homes

Thanks to the Jennifer Polyester Foundation for sponsoring two homes

Thanks to Lorraine Thexton for sponsoring a second home


Thanks to Bill and Rhonda Olefson and Earls Restaurant for sponsoring a second home


Thanks to the Kinsmen and Kinettes for sponsoring a second home

Kinsmen Logo

Thanks to PJM for sponsoring a home for the locals to build


Thanks to Rick Anderson and family
Thanks to Rick Anderson and family for sponsoring a home for the locals to build

Thanks to Aspen Developments for sponsoring a home for the locals to build

Aspen Logo - Use this one

In addition to the sponsors of full houses, we extend a huge thank-you to everyone that supported this project in 2013. There are too many people to mention by name, but thank-you! Without your help, we would have never been able to do all these things in El Salvador this year:

  • We Fed 460 families, that’s about 2500 people that didn’t go hungry for a few weeks
  • We provided musical instruments for 50 children at the orphanage along with music lessons for them for a year
  • We made a donation of $1800 to help look after the children in the orphanage
  • We supplied dozens of bottles of vitamins and medications
  • We provided blankets, food and a basket  of blessings for the new homes of all thirty families

It is with great pleasure I introduce  you to the ten families that received homes in March along with the sponsors of the houses. With the amazing support from Central Alberta, we were able to provide thirty houses in El Salvador our first year!! Thank-you!

Jean Bota was very honoured to present the keys to the home that Ted and Audrey Egilsson sponsored. Osmin age 59 and Mercedes age 58, their daughter Yolanda age 33, Granddaughter Jessica age 11 and grandson Hugo age 14 will share the home.

This was the very first family we met when we arrived in El Salvador. Before the civil war in the 1980’s Osmin was a farmer but he was forced to flee his home and move to San Salvador. After the civil war ended in the early 90’s they were able to return to their village and start over. Unfortunately they were never able to build a safe and stable home. Now thanks to Ted and Audrey, they have a safe dry place to call home.

Jean Bota presenting keys on behalf of Ted and Audrey  Egleson to Osmin and Mercedes

Jean Bota presenting keys on behalf of Ted and Audrey Egilsson to Osmin and Mercedes

Ted And Audrey Elilsson and family

Ted And Audrey Egilsson and family


Osmin, Mercedes Yolanda and Jessica


Lorraine Thexton was so excited to present Ernesta age 33 and Elba age 27 and their children Jancie age 11 and Will age 7 with the keys to their new home. It was sponsored by her son and his family; Doug and Erin Anderson and their children Lukas age 8 and Alisa age 11. The Anderson family was thrilled to sponsor a family so similar to their own. The children from both families were excited to exchange pictures. Two families, thousands of miles apart and forever bonded through this experience of providing shelter. Ernesta and Elba said they would never forget the Canadians that sponsored their home and will forever be thankful to God for answering their prayers.

Lorraine Thexton presenting keys to

Lorraine Thexton presenting keys to Ernesta, Elba, Jancie and Will. Thanks to Doug, Erin, Lukas and Alisa Anderson


Doug, Alisa, Erin and Lukas Anderson


Elba, Jancie and Will


The keys to the next home were presented by Sue Neufeld. ”This family of four was beside themselves to be chosen to receive a home sponsored by “The House That Friends Build” . Dionisio age 51 & Virginia age 51, with their daughter, Lady Delores age 19, and granddaughter Alejandra age 2yrs.


Sue Neufeld presenting keys to Virginia, Dionisio and Lady. Thanks to “The House That Friends Built” Ladies

A big thank-you goes out to a group of ladies from Red Deer for “A House That Friends Built”;  Sheryl McFadden, Kathy Lacey, Wendy & Rob McCulloch, Deb Coleman, Doreen Lachance (missing from photo), Sherry Daniluk and Jacqueline Brooks.


Virginia is the main support for the family and works several jobs to make ends meet. She farms four kilometers away, babysits, cleans house and does laundry for people. Virginia tries to grow enough to sell some beans and corn to repay her bank loan that she takes out each year to fund her farm.  Her husband, Dioniso has severe kidney disease and can’t work. He spends more time in the hospital on dialysis than out.  He was so excited about the house; he chose to skip one treatment so he could stay home to watch their new home be built. Their 19-year-old daughter, Lady has been accepted into university in San Salvador, an hour away. The family is struggling with how to pay for the expense of University; the cost is about $400 per month for her tuition, books, transportation and meals. She hopes to receive a degree in Social work and wants to help the people of her village. Virginia’s 90-year-old mother helps care for many of her great grandchildren while their mothers work. In El Salvador you can sure see where the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” comes from! They all pitch in together to survive.


Lady, Alejandra, Grandma Delores, Virginia, Dionisio


 Tyler Neufeld & Jodi Benson were happy to present the home to their favourite little friend, Wilmer and his parents Fidel and Maria. Thanks so much to Brock & Jeannie Brown and their family for sponsoring this home.


Tyler Neufeld and Jodi Benson present keys to Fidel, Maria and Wilmer, thanks to Brock and Jeannie Brown and family

Brock and Jeannie Brown and family

Brock and Jeannie Brown and family


Fidel age 27 and Maria age 26 with their son, Wilmer age 3, were so excited to receive a home. They were so thankful that God moved Brock and Jeannie Brown to sponsor a home for their family. They did not have a home of their own and were living with Fidel’s family. Fidel is a very hard worker but could never save enough money to build his own home. He said, thanks to his parents for giving them a little piece of land to build on, and thanks to the people from Canada, they now have their own home. Their son Wilmer was such a sweet little guy, I thought Jodi and Tyler would try to tuck him in their suitcase and take him home; they spent hours and hours playing with him.


Maria and Wilmer


With lots of emotion and a few tears, Ernie and Conny Neufeld presented the keys to this happy family. Len Balogh and Lori Lounsbury of the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy were the generous sponsors of a home for Jose age 26, and Roxanna age 25, along with their children Carlita age 6 and Edwardo age 20 months.

Ernie and Conny Neufeld presenting keys to

Ernie and Conny Neufeld presenting keys to Jose, Roxanna, Carlita and Edwardo. Thanks to The Norther Institute of Massage Therapy.


Len Bologh and Lori Loonsbury

Len Balogh and Lori Lounsbury of The Northern Instutue of Massage Therapy

Roxana has been helping in her community, building houses for dozens of other families for over two years. She was taking her son Edwardo to the job sites every day, but with all the dust he was subjected to, he was developing severe respiratory problems and she was forced to find childcare for him so she could continue working. Part of what makes this program so successful is the fact that people have to work towards their home by helping others. It instills a sense of community and accomplishment, a far more healthy way than just giving a hand out. She is very proud of herself for working so hard to provide a roof over her family’s heads. Her husband is a very hard worker as well and is away working most of the time. He’s is very thankful to his wife for working so hard. He also expressed great gratitude to our team for coming all the way from Canada to help in El Salvador. He could hardly believe God was finally answering their prayers and providing a home for them.


Roxana, Jose, Carlita & Edwardo,


Joe Whitesell and Kelsey Wismer presenting the keys to Jose Wilfredo age 21 and Ruth Elizabeth age 20 with their Son Jose Wilfredo age 3. Jose and Ruth gave thanks to God and to family from Canada. They were so happy to be moving out of their plastic house, thanks to Travis and Megan Baldwin of Graceland Electric for sponsoring their home.

Joe and Kelsey

Joe and Kelsey present keys to Jose, Ruth and Jose Wilfredo thanks to Travis and Megan of Graceland Electric

Travis, Megan and Ainsley Baldwin

Travis, Megan and Ainsley Baldwin

GacelandJose rents a small piece of land that he grows beans and corn on. He walks many miles to work everyday. Ruth and her son walk the miles to the farm site to bring him a meal during his long day on the farm. This is the first home they have had of their own. They were living with Jose’s mother in a very simple plastic house. When there are no crops to tend, he looks for work in construction, making just a few dollars a day.


Ruth, Jose and Little Jose Wilfredo


 Trevor Neufeld thanked the sponsors; The Matson family and Solid Truss for providing the funds to build the home for Jose Ruiz and Maria Tina both 84 years old. This beautiful couple captured all of our hearts the first time we met them. They have been married for 52 years and were both so appreciate and grateful to receive this home that they will share with their son Antonio Ruiz age 52.

Trevor Neufeld presenting keys to

Trevor Neufeld presenting keys to Jose, Maria and Antonio Thanks to The Matson Family and Solid Truss

The Matson Family

The Matson Family

Solid Truss Systems

The home Jose and Maria are leaving was a simple plastic structure. They told us this was the very first time anyone had ever come to help them and they were so grateful. Imagine your grandparents living in a plastic house that could crumble in on them any night! Jose and Maria’s daughter was so thankful that her parents would no longer be living in an unsafe home. She told us she would always be thankful to God for the gift her parents received and would always keep our team of Canadians in their hearts and prayers.


Jose and Maria


Trent Berstad is presenting the keys to this new home with thanks to Lorraine Thexton.Manuel Alexander “Meme” age 30 and Juana Carolina age 23 with two children, Abel Alexander age 8 and Josti Avril age 3 were extremely grateful to receive this home. They became very emotional when they thanked God for this gift and for the team of Canadians that came to build it. This family of four is now able to move from their plastic shelter into a safe and secure home.

Trent Berstad presenting the keys to

Trent Berstad presenting the keys to Manuel, Juana, Abel and Josti thanks to Lorraine Thexton

Let’s all pray for their older son who suffers from migraine headaches and has been held back in school two years because of the headaches interfering with his learning.

Thanks Lorraine Thexton for sponsoring a second home

Lorraine Thexton




9 – Presenter Tim & Wendy – Sponsor Run ‘N on Empty

The minute Tim and Wendy saw Sandra’s beautiful smile, they fell in love and knew this was the family they wanted to sponsor along with their company, Run’n on Empty. Johquin age 30 and Sandra age 25 have two children Gerson age 10 and Fanny age 8

Tim and Wendy Trofimuk

Tim and Wendy Trofimuk presenting keys to Johquin, Sandra, Gerson and Fanny

Tim and Wendy Trofimuk with their grandkids

Tim and Wendy Trofimuk with their grandkids


Both Jahquin and Sandra have worked very hard but were never able to get far enough ahead to build a home for their family. They were so grateful, he was completely speechless. Having a safe, dry home for their family was more than they could imagine. Sandra expressed such gratitude towards the Canadians that were there to help do the work God has set in place.



Dan & Cheryl Murdock presented the keys to Orlando, 27 yrs old and Sylvia, age 29. Thanks to Dan’s company,  Door Masters for sponsoring the home for this beautiful family.

Dan and Cheryl Murdock presenting keys to

Dan and Cheryl Murdock presenting keys to Orlando and Sylvia thanks to Doormasters

Dan Murdock with his business partner, Audrey Egilsson and The Door Masters Group

Dan Murdock with his business partner, Audrey Egilsson and The Door Masters Group


Orlando and Sylvia were living in a terrible mud hut before getting this new home. It was unsafe and the water just poured in during the rainy season. Her mother gave them the land to build the house on. She lives on the same property. We found it very interesting how they would just build another house on the little lot for a family member, often times the roofs would be touching. Sometimes we had to take a part of the roof off the old houses. Due to health issues, Orlando and Sylvia were not able to have any children. Dan and Cheryl who also have no children were happy to sponsor this family.


Thank-you again everyone, for supporting this important project and following along on our blog. Keep posted as we follow the locals as they build the last ten houses.

In closing I would like to share with you a beautiful note that Jean Bota sent me after our week together in El Salvador. Thanks Jean, very kind and compassionate words.

I feel very blessed to be able to share this beautiful experience with all the amazing people that came to El Salvador this year. 


Gratitude is a word we use when we feel connected, when we feel comfortable and when we feel loved. I would like to extend my gratitude to you for your enthusiasm, your love and the caring you showed for the team and for the people of El Salvador. Leadership is a gift; not possessed by all people.

The trip to El Salvador was no ordinary trip, it was and incredible journey of reminders for us all. It possessed adventure, laughter, tears and humbleness. We heard the people’s concerns, their desires, their hopes and we witnessed their love of family and community. We also saw their gratitude for the Canadians who came to help. These attributes are universal. We are all the same; they are no different than us.

For myself it was a connection with humanity; no judgement no ridicule only kindness and love for everyone we met. I felt a part of something much bigger and more powerful than just me in the world. It is a feeling which words cannot describe; it must be experienced in order to be understood.

I truly believe there are no coincidences in life; God had a plan when he selected our teams and the country they have come from. We all possessed our own gifts; we are His hands and feet. Together as a collective and with His guidance we WILL continue to make a difference!

Sue, thank-you for reminding us of what is important in life and offering us the chance to partake in this journey. 

God Bless you for all that you do, and love you from the bottom of my heart.



3 thoughts on “March True-Line Team Presents the Keys to Ten New Homeowners

  1. Lovely to see all the smiles.

    Just wanted to let you know of a couple corrections with regards to our family – Doug and Erin Anderson. My daughters name is Alisa (not Megan) and my son is Lukas (with a K). :) If you are able to send out a revised edition I would be so thankful – as I will print off copies for their “treasure boxes”.

    Thanks so much Erin Anderson

  2. Hi guys. Great post. Just a correction of names It is Doug, Erin , Alisa and Lukas Anderson . Thanks.

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